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Hi, I'm

I passionately believe the best designs emerge from a deep understanding of the people they aim to serve. My work is driven by the maxim that user empathy is not just a tool but is the foundation of all successful design initiatives - and it's always served me well. I'm masterful at achieving business objectives too, in ways that are win-win for all.

While leading digital design at Bell Canada, Virgin Mobile, and Lucky Mobile for the last 12 years, and at Aeroplan / Air Canada for 5 years before that, I've spearheaded hundreds of complex yet highly successful research, design and delivery projects, while amassing a wealth of experience and skills.

So welcome to my site. Explore a sampling of the case studies in my portfolio. Review my accomplishements, skills, talents, and approach. And then I hope you'll be in touch. I promise it'll be a good conversation.


With a dynamic blend of strategic vision, creative design leadership, and superior communication skills, I excel in spearheading innovative user experience and product design initiatives that not only captivate users but also often exceed business objectives. I lead by example, empowering design and cross-functional teams to stay sharply focused on user needs and strategic objectives. Together, we continuously push the boundaries of creativity and technology, consistently delivering exceptional and transformative solutions.


I'm highly proficient in communicating and collaborating with stakeholders at all levels. I possess a particular adeptness in working with senior executives and strategic partners to elevate project visions and ensure stakeholder alignment. My communication skills, coupled with my technical experience, effectively bridge the gap between complex design concepts and overarching business strategies. This facilitates consensus and drives successful project realizations that energize the entire delivery team.


I have a motivational leadership style that cultivates the diverse talents of my team, fostering a collaborative environment ripe for innovative solutions to complex design challenges. Recognized for my capacity to promote inclusivity, mentorship, and professional growth, I guide teams to perform efficiently and effectively, even under the most demanding circumstances.


Character is the cornerstone of both my personal interactions and professional collaborations. I prioritize respect, integrity, and kindness — traits that have earned me the reputation of being a 'Good Guy'. Committed to ethical practices and fostering positive workplace dynamics, I ensure that these fundamental values are embodied in all my professional endeavors.


My user-centric, iterative UX design process is tuned to align with business objectives while embracing user feedback and market dynamics. This approach has been honed through years of leading multifaceted and large-scale projects, implementing robust, user-friendly designs across B2B and B2C sectors.


At the outset, I leverage my extensive experience in UX research to conduct in-depth user analysis and market trend assessments. By syncing these insights with specific business goals, I identify pivotal design, product, and service challenges or opportunities. My past projects have benefited from this methodical alignment, leading to informed and strategic design decisions.


During this phase, I apply my expertise in crafting sophisticated design options, information architectures and strategic content planning. Through brainstorming, sketching, and prototyping, I explore creative solutions. My proven track record in developing comprehensive user stories and seamless interaction designs ensures that these ideas are both innovative and pragmatic.


I execute rigorous testing phases, leveraging moderated and unmoderated usability testing techniques that involve real users and key stakeholders. This meticulous approach helps refine and optimize the UX before a seamless market launch. My experience overseeing large-scale projects ensures that these transitions are managed effectively, adhering to high standards and strategic objectives.


Post-launch, I engage in continuous collaboration with developers and stakeholders to assess and refine the product. My strategic leadership is instrumental in navigating cross-functional teams through the iterative enhancement of the design, ensuring it meets evolving user needs and business goals. This phase often involves re-evaluating and updating UX components to enhance performance and user satisfaction continually.